Our Members

Johan Henriksson (Group leader)

Computational jack of all trades, with a recent love for the pipette.

Got an MSc in mechanical engineering from Chalmers, aimed at taking over family business, but the studies derailed. Ended up getting degrees in mathematics and computer science, among other, in addition. Somewhat randomly ended up with a hobby project on speciation and realized biology was the place to be if you are computational. Did a PhD working on microscopy for C.elegans at the Karolinska Institut. Realized this wasn’t the most efficient approach and went to learn single-cell RNA-seq at the Sanger Institute as a postdoc. Decided it was time to also do wet lab work. Was working on single-cell methodology but got stuck on a CRISPR-related project; this became the new speciality, with a focus on T cells. Still didn’t have enough of the academic experience and decided T cells would be a good model system of choice to go back and do regulatory modelling – full circle back to the speciation project, just completely different equations!

On the spare-time, only have the hobby of collecting hobbies (including now for example dancing, sawing, cooking, playing guitar and other typically Swedish macho male pastimes). General provider of banter, irony and dad humour.

ORCID 0000-0002-7745-2844